Next Week, You, Too, Can Buy Google Glass

Image: A woman wears Google Glass in New York.
A woman wears Google Glass in New York.Seth Wenig / AP

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Get your credit card ready. On Tuesday, April 15, after the pain of filing your taxes has subsided, you'll be able to buy Google Glass — for a limited time.

Google was hoping to keep it a secret for a wee bit longer, but documents leaked to The Verge caused the company to make the announcement early.

Google Glass will soon be coming to the masses.Seth Wenig / AP file

“Whoops. So... we’d planned to post this next week, but it looks like the cat's out of the bag now,” the company wrote on Google Plus.

The details: On Tuesday, starting at 9 a.m. ET, “any adult” in the United States can visit the Explorer website and get the privilege of spending $1,500 plus tax on Google Glass. (Sorry, foreign techies!)

The bad news? Brave Glass Explorers, who blazed a trail for people who wanted to pay for their organic salmon with but a simple nod, will have to watch as the hoi polloi join the club.

Yes, the new hipster and sporty styles will be available too, meaning that early-adopters will have to watch as the cool kids who tormented them in high school brag about owning Google Glass by speaking into Google Glass.

It's not how clear how long this offer to the public will last. The Verge claimed that it would last for about 24 hours, but Google has said only that "some spots" in the Glass Explorer program would be open to anyone for a "limited time."

One thing is for sure: Your tax refund is going to disappear more quickly than you can say "OK, Glass."