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By Keith Wagstaff

Nico Gerard heard you like watches, so it put an Apple Watch on your watch so you can look at photos of your watch while you check the time on your watch.

It's called the Pinnacle. For only $9,300 to $112,000, consumers can get a luxury watch that just so happens to have an Apple Watch attached to the other side of its band. (Don't worry, the cost of the Apple Watch is included in those prices).

Nico Gerard

So why would someone need an Apple Watch on the inside of their luxury watch?

"Wearing a smartwatch on the inside of your wrist provides a wide range of benefits, especially when it comes to privacy," Adam Pluemer, president of California-based Nico Gerard, told NBC News.

"If you're at a conference table and you have your hands on the table, you don't want someone reading your text messages," he said.

Pluemer, who started the company in September of last year, spent months on ergonomic testing to get the special butterfly clasp right and calls the fit "very comfortable."

If you want to be the first person on your block — or, most likely, anywhere within a 1,000-mile radius of yourself — to have one of these, it costs at least $200 to make an early reservation.

Right now, only the 38-millimeter Apple Watch can be joined with Nico Gerard's "luxury chronometer," leaving those who want a 42-millimeter double-smartwatch out of luck.

On the high end, the Sunrise Pinnacle, inspired by the "dawn of a new day" glowing "red with promise," costs a cool $112,000. It's made out of 18-karat gold and costs $500 to reserve early.

While the Apple Watch will soon be available at Best Buy, these luxury items are currently only available online.