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NYPD Commissioner Bratton: Hoverboard Riders 'Out of Their Mind'

The police department plans to review any new regulations governing the hot sellers.

New York City's top cop says he doesn't understand the hoverboard craze.

"I think that anyone that buys one of those things is out of their mind," NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said at a news conference Tuesday.

Hoverboards, which are self-balancing electronic scooters, were a top-selling holiday gift. But they have also been associated with spontaneous fires and nasty injuries.

Bratton said the City Council plans to draft legislation that will say where and how the gizmos can be used — but it sounded like he rather they just disappear.

"We live in an extraordinarily crowded city. We have a hard enough time walking down the street, let alone hovering down," he said.

Federal regulators are also looking into the safety of the products, and at least one discount retailer,, has stopped selling them.

That didn't stop boxer Mike Tyson from trying one out in his house — and landing flat on his back. And a Catholic priest in the Philippines got in hot water for using one during Christmas Eve Mass.

"That was wrong," the Diocese of San Pablo said in a statement, even though the priest managed to stay upright the entire time.