Out of Soap? Press the 'Dash Button' to Order More From Amazon

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/ Source: NBC News

Amazon's latest bid to take over the home is the Dash Button, a tiny device for Prime members that you can press to instantly order more of a single product. Out of laundry soap? Hit the "Tide" button by the washing machine. Out of energy bars? Press the one in the pantry. Each is marked with the product it orders, and you'll get a confirmation on your phone before it ships.

Sure, you could just, you know, order it in a few seconds on your phone, but in the rush of packing a lunch or changing a diaper, one doesn't always have time to navigate an app. A single button for more Gatorade, toilet paper or garbage bags also lets anyone get in on the fun of keeping up the household stocks. (Don't worry, it won't deliver more of an item until the first batch has arrived, so junior can't order 50 boxes of macaroni.)

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Right now over 250 products have Dash Buttons for them, and while the devices are free to Prime members, for now the product is "invitation only."

Of course, it isn't ideal for everything, since even Prime's free two-day shipping can't help you if you need something now. You'll have to exercise a modicum of foresight — or suffer the pain but being out of soda for 48 hours. Or you could go to the store, but who does that any more?



-Devin Coldewey