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For a plastic smartwatch, the Pebble looks stylish

The Pebble is a snazzy-looking e-paper smartwatch which shattered all sorts of records on fundraising site Kickstarter last year. And after much delay, it was finally shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show, a few weeks before it is expected to start shipping.

A companion device for iPhone or Android, the Pebble has a small black-and-white e-paper display (144 x 168 pixels), four buttons, a vibrating motor, an accelerometer and  housing that's resistant to four atmospheres (it's not suitable for diving, but should handle a swim well enough). The watch is charged using a small magnetic clip of sorts, so there aren't any unsightly charging ports to mar the body. (It runs for about 7 days on a single charge, its makers point out.) The Pebble is fairly lightweight and quite comfortable to wear. If you don't like its band, you can replace it with most standard bands.

All in all, it's a fairly simple plastic watch. But it looks appealing enough — particularly when it comes to smart watches.

So what do you use this pretty little watch for? Well, since the Pebble connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you've got all sorts of options. You can have the Pebble display incoming calls, emails, calendar alerts, Facebook messages, weather alerts, tweets, and more. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to the Pebble as developers are encouraged to create apps for the device.

The Pebble can be pre-ordered now, for $150. Folks who ordered one as part of a Kickstarter contribution should see their shiny new toy ship in late January.

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