Rent-a-Hunk Service ‘Manservants’ Launches, Sans Sex

The fashionable women of San Francisco can finally live out their “Downton Abbey” fantasies with Manservants. No longer will they have to pour their own champagne, hold their own umbrellas or feel alone at the club. Instead, they can simply head to and rent some handsome young men to serve them. No, these are not strippers or gigolos. (The service explicitly promises "no banana hammocks"). These are men of good breeding who have gone through background checks and an interview process. Men who wear tuxedos, even in casual situations. Men who will "answer to the name you've bestowed upon him, whether it's Garçon, Bartholomew, or Ryan Gosling." The men get something out of the experience too: at least $80 an hour. So pull out those credit cards, ladies; it's time to blow some Silicon Valley cash and party like it's 1799.

San Francisco rated most expensive city 0:26



-- Keith Wagstaff