Road Trip Tech: How to Trick Out Your Ride

Rev up the engine, load up on snacks and get ready to ... wait in traffic. Yes, it's Labor Day Weekend, the time of year when everybody takes a road trip to celebrate not having to work. Make your journey more fun with these awesome gadgets for your automobile.

Navdy Heads-Up display

Navdy - This Buetooth-connected device projects text and social media notifications on a heads-up display, alongside turn-by-turn navigation and a digital speedometer. Don't want to deal with text? Use a voice command or swipe it away. ($299)

Sony MEX-N5000BT Car Stereo Receiver - Just because you are still proudly driving a Volvo from 1989 doesn't mean you can't have a stereo with streaming audio and a USB port. ($129.99)

Karma Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Karma - Places that don't have Wi-Fi: your car, gas stations and shabby motel rooms on the highway. This tiny mobile Wi-Fi hotspot is pay-as-you-go, so you can access the Internet from anywhere without an absurdly expensive monthly contract. ($99)

Streambot Y - Buying and installing a stereo receiver can be expensive. This plug-and-play device connects Bluetooth-equipped smartphones with a car's FM radio. ($36.99)



— Keith Wagstaff