Rocking Your Baby to Sleep? There's an App (and Cradle) for That

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Time for baby to go down for a nap, but you can't take a few minutes to rock her to sleep? Don't worry — this robo-cradle will do it for you with the launch of an app. Yes, it really is an automated cradle controlled from your phone. It sounds ridiculous, but might be a useful tool for parents with multiple kids, fitful sleepers, or who just love gadgets.

The Smart Connect Cradle 'n Swing has six preset rocking motions you can select from by using the companion app, and you can also play one of 16 music tracks or sounds from nature, or illuminate a little spinning mobile above the baby's head. Sure, it might be used by a lazy parent who doesn't want to get up to check a fussy kid, but it could also be part of a perfectly responsible mom or dad's bedtime regimen — or maybe even a way for an older sibling to help out in a modest way. It's made by Fisher-Price, and costs $200. The Cradle 'n Swing should be available this fall.



—Devin Coldewey