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Samsung Unveils Curved Phone, Virtual Reality Headset

Can Samsung steal away some of Apple's hype? It's hoping a phablet with a curved screen and a virtual reality headset will do the trick.
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The latest tricks up Samsung's sleeve: a smartphone with a curved screen and a portable virtual reality headset. The Korean company unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the Samsung Gear VR on Wednesday, a week before Apple is expected to show off two new, larger iPhones. So, what is Samsung bringing to the party?

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - Like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (the other new phone-tablet hybrid Samsung is releasing), the Edge is large. Measuring 5.6 inches, it's bigger than the expected 5.5-inch iPhone 6, plus its screen wraps around the right side of the phone. That extra real estate can function as a taskbar where people can launch their favorite apps or as a notification center. Also, it looks cool.

Samsung Gear VR - This virtual reality headset has one big advantage over the Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus — it's wireless. Yes, it's virtual reality on the go, which hopefully won't lead to people walking into traffic as they play immersive video games. Right now it's only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Not as exciting as the above devices, but it's a nice upgrade from the Note 3, with a new higher resolution display, a fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor, and a 16-megapixel camera.

Prices have yet to be revealed, but each device will be released in the fall, just in time for the holidays.



--- Keith Wagstaff