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Samsung's new Galaxy S 4 costs $50 more than iPhone 5


AT&T said it will start pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and will charge $250, making the hot Android phone $50 more than Apple's entry-level iPhone 5, its biggest competitor.

The new phone is expected to be offered by all carriers, but AT&T is the first to announce pre-orders for the phone, beginning April 16.

The iPhone 5 with 16 GB is $199.99 with a two-year contract; the Samsung Galaxy S 4 with 16 GB will be $249.99 with a two-year contract.

Generally, phones that compete directly with the iPhone cost the same or less, because Apple products are perceived to carry the "Apple tax" — a slightly inflated price tag — due to the brand itself. AT&T is still selling Samsung's previous flagship, the Galaxy S III, for its original starting price of $199. An AT&T spokeswoman told NBC News Thursday the company had nothing to add when asked about the pricing of the S 4.

AT&T did not say on its consumer blog when the S 4 will be delivered to customers, but the phone is expected to be widely available by late April.

Here's what NBC News' Rosa Golijan had to say about the phone after a recent hands-on with it.

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