Samsung's SleepSense Sleep Tracker Tells Your Smart Home You're Awake


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By Devin Coldewey

Sleep-tracking gadgets are a sign of the growing "smart home" trend, and Samsung has just put out one of its own. The SleepSense lives underneath your mattress, sensing (as you might guess from the name) when you're sleeping, restless, getting up or jumping on the bed. Like other trackers, it feeds this information into a companion app, giving you a "sleep score" and recommendations on how to get a better night's rest.


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Samsung has added a little something extra to the feature list, though. If you have any compatible smart home items, like a light or TV, the SleepSense can communicate with them and give them instructions based on what it detects. So you could have your radio emitting peaceful noises, but automatically turn off when you fall asleep — or have your coffee maker start percolating as soon as you step out of bed.

These are, of course, things you could do from your smartphone manually, or set to a schedule, but smart-home enthusiasts may get a kick out of having actions keyed to wakefulness and sleep.

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No price or availability yet, but be aware that you'll need one tracker per person if you're sharing the bed.