Scrabble Twist Puts the Classic Word Board Game in Your Hands

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Are a you a fan of Scrabble, but hate setting up the board while riding the subway? This new handheld gadget from Hasbro gives the famous vocabulary-matching game a tactile and mobile twist — which is why they call it Scrabble Twist. This fast-paced version of the word-building game is actually best suited for kids and parties: You're given five letters with which to build a word — you tap the letters you want in order, then twist the device to end your turn. Then you pass it to the next person, or just keep playing if no one's there. When the game ends each player will be scored automatically.

You may have noticed that the game only has five letters, while Scrabble players generally have seven. That's to keep things moving and prevents dominattionof the game with words like "oxidize" or "syzygy." A lack of double and triple word and letter tiles also simplifies things. (Yes, you can play "aa" and "qi," though.)

At just $20, Scrabble Twist might just be a good investment for road trips or groups of word-loving friends. It'll be available this fall.



—Devin Coldewey