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Sellers overcharge for new iPads on eBay

eBay iPad offers

Who would want to pay a $100 or higher premium for a new iPad? Eager sellers on eBay who are waiting to take your calls, or in this case, bids. 

As of Monday afternoon PT, the "best deal from a top-rated seller" on the auction site for a 16GB, Wi-Fi only iPad was $639.99 -- almost 30 percent higher for the tablet that is priced at $499 by Apple. Other bids were in the $600-plus range as well, with the worst offender (for the moment) having a starting bid of $799 U.S.

Those prices might appeal to some who are overseas, or to those who have not yet pre-ordered. (And the eBay sellers don't have the new iPad in hand, either; they've pre-ordered them with the idea of re-selling them on the auction site.)

Apple began taking pre-orders for the new iPad last Wednesday after announcing it, saying it would be in the hands of those who pre-ordered March 16, the same day it becomes available in stores.

But, over the weekend, because of demand, Apple said those who pre-ordered won't get their iPads shipped until March 19. Then, on Monday, Apple's website indicated it will be two to three weeks before the device ships to those who pre-order.  

If you can't wait -- try. Paying such premiums for an iPad premium isn't illegal, but it is redonkulous.

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