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Sony glasses give subtitles to those who need them

Subtitle glasses

If you're deaf, hard of hearing, or perhaps don't speak English very well, getting to see the latest movies can be a hassle. Few showings have subtitles, and or maybe the theater doesn't even have a close-captioned copy. Sony has created a pair of cinema glasses that are transparent except for where a tiny projector shines subtitles visible only to the wearer.

They're called Entertainment Access Glasses; you can read the brochure here (PDF). The tiny readout can be customized for size, perceived distance, and language — so now anyone can go see any showing of any movie, regardless of whether their hearing is intact or whether they can speak the language in the film.

The glasses are available now, but not to the general public; because they need to be updated with information like the latest blockbusters' subtitles, and would need to hook into the theater's synchronizing system, they have to be kept by the theater itself.

Unfortunately, they're only compatible with a certain type of Sony projector at the moment, so they might be a bit hard to find for a while. Apparently Regal Cinemas has been upgrading and a few of its theaters have these already, so if there's one in your neighborhood, it could be worth a call.

— via Technabob

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