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Sony Now Selling SmartEyeglass Augmented Reality Headset

Wish you could still buy Google Glass? Try Sony's bigger, weirder SmartEyeglass augmented reality system.

Were you saddened by the news that Google Glass sales are being indefinitely suspended while the gadget everyone loves to hate gets a makeover? Don't worry, Sony is there for you with the new SmartEyeglass augmented reality system, now available for pre-order for about $840 — though that's only in the U.K. and Germany at the moment. The SmartEyeglass system is far more bulky than Google Glass: It features a full pair of glasses with a transparent screen built in that can overlay things like directions and incoming texts right over the real world.

It only displays the color green (so no photos), still requires tethering to your phone, and despite billing itself as "true augmented reality," doesn't actually map things onto the real world like Microsoft's HoloLens. Oh, and there's a huge puck you have to put in your pocket or clip to your shirt that houses the microphone and controls.

Sony's device is still very much a work in progress, and this version is expressly for early adopters and developers. It is coming to the U.S. but there's no firm date on that just yet.



—Devin Coldewey