Sony's Smart Tennis Sensor Tracks Your On-Court Performance

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What to get the tennis player who has everything? How about a tech-infused racket that relays data for every single swing (and miss) they make on the court? Sony just put one out, and while it looks a bit over the top in how much feedback it relays, trainers will probably tell you that it's better to have too much info than too little. Every hit records the following data: hit and swing count, ball impact location, swing type (forehand/backhand, slice/volley for instance), swing speed, ball speed and ball spin.

And if that's not enough to improve your game, you can even sync up the hits to video taken using the app, allowing you to study your serves visually as well as statistically. The usual manufacturers make the rackets themselves — you can choose from Wilson, Prince or Yonex — Sony makes the sensor that screws onto the end. It will cost $200 when it comes out (no racket included) but that won't be until January, so don't expect to take one with you to the US Open this week.



—Devin Coldewey