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"Like fire? LOVE music? Now you can combine the two!" If you're not sold on the Sound Torch already, maybe you need a bit more excitement in your musical life. This ridiculous but laudable Danish Kickstarter project aims to create a pair of wireless speakers with real flames shooting out the top, dancing to the beat. It sounds dangerous, and like all fire it can be if mishandled, but the Sound Torch uses an established method of controlling flames known as a Rubens' Tube. Regular lighter fluid is passed under a grid of small holes, escaping at a regular rate and burning away. Sending a sound wave through that gas changes the pressure slightly in some areas, making the gas come out faster or slower depending on the frequency of the sound. This video explains the physics of it.

Don't worry - there are plenty of safety mechanisms built into the speaker.Sound Torch

The Sound Torch does this on a small scale, altering the pressure to create patterns in the flames that match the music or media you're playing. There are larger versions, in particular the Pyroboard, but you're liable to burn your house down with something that big. The Sound Torch not only adds wireless sound to the equation, but also a smartphone app to adjust the flame height and other settings. The batteries last seven or eight hours, but you'll have to refuel every four or so.

If $160 sounds like a good deal to "set your music on fire," go ahead and back the Kickstarter or get in contact with the team at their website.



—Devin Coldewey