Stylograph Smart Pen Lets You Write in Style

Anyone who jots down notes or sketches frequently, whether for class, business or just for fun, can imagine the convenience of being able to quickly digitize and share their creations. Smart pens let you do just that — and the Stylograph is a new one that does so with a little more class than the competition.

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Like other smart pens, the Stylograph uses a tiny embedded camera to track a microscopic pattern of dots on the paper, and combines that data with motion-tracking in the pen itself to digitally record every tiny movement of the pen. This is sent to a smartphone app, where your writing and sketches appear instantly and are saved in high resolution for reference or sharing.


It's a product of Oree, a French company that makes beautiful pieces of tech out of natural materials like wood and stone. In this case, they're using copper, which should give the pen a warm, textured feel and eventually acquire a nice patina. The Stylograph comes with a notebook bound in vegetable leather with 190 pages of special paper inside and a holding place for the pen.

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Sounds great right? The catch, as with the rest of Oree's admirable creations, is the price. The Stylograph will set you back $450 at retail — more than twice the cost of competing smart pens — and 190-page packs of paper will cost $30. Oree is currently well past its modest $15,000 fundraising goal on Kickstarter.