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By Devin Coldewey

Ever go camping and think, "Boy, I wish there was a hot tub right here in the woods"? So has Benjamin Frederick, inventor of the Hydro Hammock. It's a watertight hammock that you can fill up with whatever water's nearby and warm up using a propane-fueled heating system. The whole thing fits in a (rather large) rolling suitcase, making it possible to take it with you to parks, beaches or just your back yard.

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The ultra-strong material can handle soap suds, salt water and up to 700 pounds of cargo. It lasts for 2 hours on a small tank of propane. Yes, it's a little ridiculous, but others will surely be jealous when you slip into a hot bath after an arduous hike.

Right now the team is looking for $50,000 on Kickstarter to cover the costs of the initial run of Hydro Hammock units. It doesn't come cheap: iIf you just want the strong, waterproof hammock, you can get one for $260, or throw down $390 for the insulated, double-layer version. But the water heater will run you another $920. Expensive, but perhaps better than heating a kettle over the fire a dozen times.