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Tampon-shaped flash drive disguises data

Tampon flash drive
Meninos' USB Tampon Flash Drive, which may offer unbeatable security by disguising itself as something most people won't want to touch.Meninos Store

Sometimes the best way to hide valuable data is to put it where no one will look.

Such security by obscurity may be among the chief selling points of a new USB flash drive which looks exactly like, ahem, a tampon.

The USB Tampon Flash Drive is made and marketed by Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-based Meninos, which describes itself as a designer of "creative and exclusive products" aimed at "young people of all ages."

The drive comes in three sizes: 2, 4 or 8 gigabytes, or, as the Meninos website calls them, "Light," "Moderate" and "Heavy."

Prices start at $29.90 for the smallest capacity. Shipping is about $6.50 to most locations in the United States.

For truly accident-proof security, it might be best to lock up the contents of the ersatz feminine hygiene product with commercially available encryption software.

So the next time you plan to take aerodynamics charts through Chinese customs, or smuggle the Stuxnet worm into an Iranian nuclear facility, don't forget the USB Tampon Flash Drive.

The big mean-looking guys who search your bags will never want to touch it.

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