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These bedrooms are the stuff of nerds' dreams

Pirate Ship
Courtesy of Nerd Approved

 When I was a kid, my room was adorned with Star Wars posters and action figures. I also had some pretty awesome Transformers sheets if I do say so myself. Not bad, but some people choose to go the extra mile and make more elaborate-themed rooms and beds. Just imagine the kinds of dreams you would have sleeping in places like these.

narnia bedroom
Courtesy of Nerd Approved

Narnia bedroom
Redditor kelseypolo knows a couple that used some extra space that was adjacent to their 9-year-old daughter’s bedroom to create a full-on Narnia wardrobe. Clearly these parents are awesome, but my guess is they will come to regret their decision. Having a place to hide is a valuable asset for a teenager. Reddit via Nerd Approved

Courtesy of Nerd Approved

Split bedroom
Mark Rodriguez has twin daughters with very different tastes – one is into flowers and butterflies while the other is a Superman fanatic. So how do you cater to both of their tastes when they share a room? Fortunately, Mark is an artist, and was able to create this fantastic split design. When I was a kid I shared a bedroom with my brother and we had a similar but less elegant set up. There was an invisible line running down the middle of the room and crossing it was considered an act of aggression. My action figures and his toy airplanes fought many battles. Mark Rodriguez via Nerd Approved

Courtesy of Nerd Approved

Super Mario bedroom
Had this crazy dream last night where I was a tiny plumber with a thick, luxurious mustache that was trying to save a princess, but I was constantly being attacked by turtles and mushrooms. I should've known better than to eat pizza with cheeseburgers for crust before bedtime. Pixfans via Nerd Approved

Star Wars bedroom with AT-AT loft bed
In the video above, you'll learn how Instructables user BykManDan managed to build an AT-AT loft bed for his son. Of course, if you had a bed like this it would be smart to watch out for whoever had the bottom bunk. At night, they could secretly be plotting against you by tying a rope around the AT-ATs legs. Instructables

Pirate Ship
Courtesy of Nerd Approved

Pirate ship bedroom
Steve Kuhl's son is lucky enough to have a father who's handy with tools and possesses the imagination of a 9-year-old. In the boy's bedroom he created a floating pirate ship complete with a rope bridge, jail cell and a spiral slide that descends two floors of the house where the Kracken awaits (otherwise known as the family dog). Kuhl Design Build 

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Calvin and Hobbes bedroom
Kudos to Reddit user KosherHam for creating this beautiful Calvin and Hobbes mural for his son Ryan. I was a fanatical Calvin and Hobbes fan growing up, but whenever I drew the characters on my bedroom wall with a Sharpie my parents would get angry for some reason. Reddit 

Portal bedroom
As you'll see in the video above, Vector is very proud of his Portal-themed room. He has a Companion Cube pillow, circle shaped rugs and even a GLaDOS. All in all, it's the perfect prison ... uh, bedroom for this little test subject. Nerd Approved


MST3K bedroom
The last thing anyone needs is the crew of the Satellite of Love critiquing their dreams or, worse still, their performance. Funniest episode ever. Doorman Ideas via Nerd Approved

Hobbit house bedroom
Tolkien superfans Steve Michaels and his wife Christine built a real-life Hobbit house in the hillsides of northwest Montana. There's tons of Hobbit-themed detail, but visitors can also enjoy modern touches like a king-size bedroom, designer kitchen with customized granite counters, HD Blu-ray television set, XM Radio, and Wi-Fi. Plus, this unique experience runs a fairly reasonable $245 a night. Hobbit House via Nerd Approved

cockpit bedroom
Courtesy of Nerd Approved

Cockpit bedroom
Not much is known about this crazy cockpit-themed bedroom, but my guess is the owner built it solely for the amusing pick-up line possibilities. Nerd Approved

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