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No one really likes typing on a smartphone, but who wants to carry around a full-size keyboard accessory for when you have to bang out a long email? The TextBlade attempts to address this with a unique and tiny keyboard that's no bigger than a pack of gum but, the creators claim, allows for natural two-handed typing. The wireless device splits into two main pieces, each with four buttons, plus one piece for the space bar. Each button has multiple letters on it, and detects where your finger falls on the button to determine which key you intended to press.

Can this outlandish mode of typing really be better than using your thumbs? It's certainly not impossible if you take the time to learn — the video shows someone typing at 100 words per minute. When you're done, snap the three magnet-equipped pieces together and pop it in your pocket. Just be ready to field questions from nearby onlookers as to what exactly that thing is. The TextBlade is available right now for $99.



—Devin Coldewey