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Watch a DSLR get burnt, frozen and run over - for science!

Canon abuse

When a camera manufacturer says their camera is rugged, it's not always possible to take them at their word. Sometimes they mean you can use it to hammer nails in a hurricane, but sometimes they just mean it won't break into a thousand pieces if it falls off the picnic table. The crew at DigitalRevTV decided to see how much abuse a Canon 7D could take, and it makes for fairly entertaining watching.

Canon's press materials describe the 7D as being "built to resist water and dust." That and a good sturdy magnesium frame keep it safe from most normal situations: dropping it in a puddle, leaving it outside in the cold, and so on. But I doubt even the Canon engineers would expect the camera to function after being frozen in a block of ice and then set on fire.

Be warned, there is some mild language in this video, but nothing too colorful. It's probably more dangerous for kids to see a $1,700 camera being subjected to wanton carelessness. They might get ideas.

Remember, don't try this at home. It's dangerous and may possibly void your camera's warranty. 

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