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Will Apple's unibody earbuds survive Hulk smash? 

Looks like Helen A.S. Popkin's latest set of Apple earbuds may not make it until May.Helen Popkin /

"By using a process known as ultrasonic bonding, Apple could create new iPhone and iPod earbuds that would have a seamless, more aesthetically pleasing 'unibody' appearance," reports Apple Insider

Me, I'm just hoping Apple finally found a way to make a set of earbuds that'll last me more than one month. Yep, you heard me right. I trash at least one pair of Apple earbuds. Every. Single. Month. 

That's $29 per month, for the kind with the mic. Honestly, the Incredible Hulk spends less on replacement electronics than I do.  

That said, Apple currently makes the most durable earbuds I've encountered -- and I've tried them all, at every price range. Past solutions included buying off-brand headsets at discount stores or websites, around $5 a pop. Those sad excuses for headsets, the kind with the little rubbery thingies that could maybe get lost in one's ear, don't last a week near me or near my dogs.

Apple earbuds are the only kind I've found with any kind of staying power.

So imagine my delight when Apple Insider came across a new patent application from Apple, describing how the company will "seamlessly integrate" the cables, a jack, a microphone, headphones and miscellaneous components that go toward  your personal Apple audio experience. According to the patent, the way they all hook together "abrupt and aesthetically displeasing."

Looks/schmooks. Will they hold together?

"Combining two different elements in this way may form a weld ring that can be cut, sanded, polished and cleaned," Apple Insider writes. "This allows the headphone to appear to be one piece, even though it may actually be a number of connected pieces." 

Sigh. Call me when Apple finds a way to make earbuds in one actual piece … of adamantium. That's my only hope. 

via Apple Insider

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