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Wilson's 'Smart Ball' Tracks Your Moves and Shots

Wilson is hoping to change practice forever with a sensor-studded "smart" basketball that can tell when and where you move, dribble and shoot.

Games like basketball and football have changed a lot over the years, but the ball is pretty much still just a ball. Athletic gear company Wilson is hoping to change that with a sensor-studded "Smart Ball" that can tell when and where you move, dribble and shoot.


The video on their website is still a mockup, but the ball exists — we've held one. An early version was being shown off at this year's CES in Las Vegas, though there was no court or hoop in which to try it out.

Inside the ball are several tiny sensors that track the ball's motion, beaming that information to an app running on a nearby smartphone, which appears to track the player's movement itself.


All that data gets put together into a picture of your play: where you went to shoot from, your percentages from different spots, and so on. This is more a tool for solo practice, though: it won't work with a whole team passing the ball around.

No pricing or other details have been released, but the ball should be coming out this winter — a little late for anyone amped up by March Madness, but in time for players to give it a try before the next playoff season.