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Wood Kubb Packs a Barebones PC Into a Sleek Wooden Shell

The Wood Kubb is a pleasant antidote to the cold, sterile cases most PCs come in.
Wood Kubb

PC cases tend to be pretty sterile-looking: black or grey plastic and metal with blinking LEDs all over. The Wood Kubb, however, is a pleasant alternative to that. This French company has been making cubical PCs for a while now, but they're seeking help on Kickstarter to launch a handsome wooden edition.

Each Wood Kubb is made by hand from one of several varieties of wood. There are no lights, ports, or anything on the outside — everything from USB to video out is on the back.

Wood Kubb

Don't expect these things to be powerhouses, though — the ultra-compact form (about 5 inches to a side) means only quiet, low-power components can be used. But even though the Intel processor and motherboard are from 2013 or so, you've got a solid-state drive and plenty of RAM, so everyday computing should be a breeze. Just don't try to run the latest games or edit 4K video.

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Prices start at about $500. You can pre-order a Wood Kubb through Kickstarter, and assuming the team makes its goal (they're well on the way) you should get your computer by the end of the year.