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Yes, your iPhone could survive a 20-foot dive under the sea

Waterproof iPhone case
Keystone ECO

I suffer separation anxiety every time I abandon my iPhone for more than five minutes, but even I struggled to understand the purpose of the MarineCase — a protective case which keeps iPhones safe, even 20-feet underwater. Is there even reception down there?

Head scratching aside, the MarineCase — made by a company called Keystone ECO — does sound like it could be pretty great for folks who want to shoot some quick underwater videos but don't feel like investing in bulkier specialty gear for their regular cameras.

The case is designed for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models. It meets IP58 standards, meaning that it's dust- and water-proof. According to its maker, it'll allow you to use all your iPhone's functions while swimming, kayaking, or participating in other water activities.

So yes, you could shoot a video like this during your next tropical vacation:

The MarineCase will set you back $40 and  can be purchased on Amazon . It comes in black and white versions.

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