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YouTube helps cure 'shaky-camera-itis'


I've never heard of diseases called "shaky-camera-itis" or "augmented-darkness-levels” before, but apparently they affect (and infect) many YouTube videos. Fortunately the video-hosting service now offers an automated tool which'll easily rid clips of those pesky issues.

According to John Gregg, a YouTube software engineer, the feature is part of the YouTube Video Editor tool. It's there to detect shaky or dark videos and it'll automatically offer to fix things for you:

When you upload a video that could use a fixup, you’ll see a notification bar on the Upload page and in your Video Manager. Click the button to fix it, and you’ll see a side by side preview to decide if you want to accept the edits.

You can see how this new feature looks in action below, but you may have to wait a few days before you can try it out yourself, as it is being rolled out gradually. You can use that time to daydream about a world free of shaky cat videos.


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