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Best Back-to-School Gadgets for Under $50

It's time for "Spending Money 101" with the coolest ways to gear up for the new school year.
iPod Shuffle

School is starting, meaning students get to spend all of that hard-earned money from their summer jobs. While gadgets under $25 are nice, it's time to graduate to a higher level of spending. Here are four great ways to blow $50 on something other than books.


Roku Streaming Stick - Sometimes you just need a study break, ideally one consisting of 10 hours of "Game of Thrones." This device plugs into any TV with an HDMI port and plays thousands of channels including Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go and Amazon Instant Video. ($49.99)

FitBug Orb - Pulling an all-nighter might be good for grades, but it isn't easy on the body. Track sleep and exercise with this affordable, smartphone-connected fitness tracker. ($49.95)


iPod Shuffle - It clips to backpacks or running clothes, plays for 15 hours on a charge and could, hypothetically, be used to listen to lectures recorded in class. ($49)

Bonavita Porcelain Immersion Dripper - Two advantages of learning how to make pour-over coffee: access to delicious, French press-style coffee and job training in case that degree in puppetry doesn't work out. ($39.99)



--- Keith Wagstaff