Free! Download These 9 Essential iPhone Apps from 2014

What good is an iPhone without some cool apps? We sorted through the flood of new releases to find some of the most fun and useful iOS apps released in 2014.

PopKey — Nobody needs an animated GIF keyboard on their iPhone. But text conversations are a lot more entertaining with one. (Free)

Confide — It's like Snapchat for adults! Send ephemeral, screenshot-proof text messages that disappear after they are sent. (Free)

Checky — Must ... stop ... checking iPhone. Don't worry, this app will tell exactly how many times you check your phone a day so you can cut down on your tech addiction. (Free)

Google Inbox — It takes some getting used to, but Gmail users will be glad they downloaded this app that bundles messages and searches emails for calendar, purchase and travel information. (Free)

PetMatch — Forget dating apps that match you with people. Find adorable dogs and cats that need to be adopted instead. (Free)

Hyperlapse — No need for a professional camera to take amazing time-lapse videos. This app from Instagram can do it even if the phone is moving. And yes, it works with the front-facing camera for selfies. (Free)

Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) — Everyone from President Barack Obama to Madonna has participated in Reddit's famous Q&A forums. Now they're all easily searchable and readable in one app. (Free)

Microsoft Word — Technically, this app is not new. But the ability to access and edit Word documents without paying for an Office 365 subscription was added by Microsoft earlier this month. (Free)

Acorns — Don't have a huge wad of cash to invest? This app takes spare change from debit and credit card purchases and invests that money in stock portfolios of varying levels of risk. (Free)

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— Keith Wagstaff