Magic Marker? 3Doodler Pen Draws Objects in 3-D

If you’ve always wanted to create something in 3-D without a 3-D printer, you’re in luck. The 3Doodler is a pen that lets you turn doodles into real-life objects. The $99 3Doodler, made by Boston-based startup Wobbleworks, is billed as “the world’s first 3-D printing pen.” Plug it into an outlet, wait for it to heat up and voila, you’re ready to doodle. A strand of plastic is fed into the blunt end and comes out, melted, at the tip. As you draw, the pen extrudes a trail of heated plastic that quickly solidifies. You don't even have to stick to paper; draw something in midair, and the object takes shape as the plastic cools and hardens.

3Doodler has been used in applications like art projects and fashion design. Wobbleworks says it’s working with “various educational distributors around the world” to get 3Doodlers into the classroom. Until then, students will have to continue doodling with regular pen and ink.

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— James Eng, NBC News