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By Andrea Smith

If you’re spending the holidays with a friend or relative who’s doing a ton of cooking, make sure to bring a gift worthy of that home-cooked meal.

Whether you’re looking for holiday gift ideas for a tech-savvy chef or someone who just needs a kitchen gadget upgrade, we’ve got some of the coolest gifts ideas any foodie would love.

The Cuisinart's easy electronic touchpad controls are perfect for working with sticky fingers.

Cuisinart Elemental Food Processor, about $200

The holiday recipes may be passed down from generations ago but the days of chopping and slicing by hand are over. Cuisinart’s Elemental 13-Cup Food Processor is a chef’s dream, with a work bowl big enough to chop a meal for the whole holiday gathering.

It comes with slicing and dicing discs, chopping and mixing blades, accessory storage and so much more, but we love the easy electronic touchpad controls, perfect for working with sticky fingers. Use the food processor along with your favorite recipe app to save time in the kitchen so there's more time to spend with family.

The Braun PureMix is versatile enough to handle everything from breakfast smoothies to chunky hot soup.

Braun PureMix Blender, about $180

Blenders are an essential kitchen gadget, and we especially love when they’re versatile enough to handle everything from breakfast smoothies to frozen margaritas and a hot soup recipe in between.

Braun’s PureMix Blender’s new smoothie attachment saves time and clean up because you can make your breakfast drink and take the container with you on the go. The ThermoResist glass pitcher can handle hot as well as cold ingredients, and has techy magic senses to figure out what’s inside for optimal speed and blending, no matter which of the seven functions you’re using.

The stainless steel and black design not only looks great in the kitchen but makes it super easy to clean up any drips and spills. Another plus: When the meal is over, the whole blade assembly goes right in the dishwasher.

Cook a chicken in under 30 minutes with Panasonic's countertop induction oven.

Panasonic Countertop Induction Oven, about $600

Time-pressed chefs will appreciate how fast they can whip up a family holiday meal in Panasonic’s Countertop Induction Oven. Panasonic is the first to bring induction technology to the countertop so you don’t need a full stove to cook a chicken and vegetables in under 30 minutes.

It looks similar to a microwave but combines induction technology and double-infrared heating to grill, bake or broil your food. Preset options and adjustable temperature controls let you cook two items at different temperatures at the same time.

No need for measuring spoons or cups: The Perfect Bake scale connects to your smartphone to let you know when you've added the right amount of ingredients.Perfect Bake

Perfect Bake, from $50

Baking brownies with Perfect Bake means never having to measure flour again. The Perfect Bake Pro is a smart scale combined with an interactive recipe app that takes care of all the measuring and weighing, even "scaling" a recipe according to how many people you’re cooking for.

The scale is connected by Bluetooth to the app so it guides you step by step through the ingredients, letting you know when you’ve added enough to the included color-coded bowls. No need for measuring spoons or cups. For easy-to-make desserts, this gift takes the cake.

With the Fizzics tap system, you can turn any of your favorite beer bottles or cans into frothy draft beer.

Fizzics Waytap Draft Beer System, about $130

For the beer lover on your list who prefers to drink beer from a tap, Fizzics Waytap Draft Beer System is like having a tap right in your own home. Simply insert your favorite beer, it can be in a bottle or can, and pull the tap for great-tasting foamy beer, just the way you like it.

Fizzics aerates the brew and uses special micro-foam technology so you get enhanced taste and aroma every time. Since Fizzics is small and light and runs on batteries, you’ll want to bring it to all your upcoming parties!

No more squeeze and pull! With Brookstone's Automatic Wine Opener, just place the device over the cork and press a button.

Automatic Wine Opener and Foil Cutter, about $50

For easy access to that perfectly chilled bottle of wine, you’ll want Brookstone’s Automatic Wine Opener and Foil Cutter. This is as simple as it gets — place the opener over the cork and press the down button to remove the cork from the bottle.

Once it’s out, press the up button to release the cork from the opener. The foil cutter is built in so there’s no chance of misplacing it once the wine is opened and consumed. The cordless charger comes with a base for recharging when you’re not using it. But when would that be?

Belkin WeMo Crock-Pot Slow Cooker, around $150

You may not think of the slow cooker as a state of the art appliance — but Belkin has given the Crock-Pot a high-tech upgrade. The Belkin WeMo Crock-Pot slow cooker joins the Wemo family of connected devices so users can control the 6-quart stainless steel pot right from their smartphone.

It still works the old-fashioned way; assemble your ingredients in the morning and set the amount of time you want it to cook. Once you leave the house, you still have access to the controls via your smartphone so if you’re late leaving work you can easily decrease the temperature or cooking time, or just switch to keep-warm mode so your dinner is perfectly done when you get home. And it works with Android and Apple devices!

Graze will deliver healthy snacks to a relative's home, friend's house — or your own front door — all year long.

Graze Subscription, from $12 per box

The college student or midnight snacker in your life will enjoy feasting on a gift box from Graze, a subscription snack service specializing in healthy, personalized food. The boxes come with eight portion-controlled snacks based on the individual’s personal taste preferences, delivered right to the door.

Snacks range from nuts and seeds to dried fruits and crackers, but we love the unique blends like Deconstructed Carrot Cake — which is not cake at all, but a snack bag made up of carrot chews, cinnamon flavored raisins, walnuts and ginger fudge.

You can buy someone a one-time box, a specified number of monthly boxes, or send a gift voucher so they can choose their own. Just try not to eat all their snacks before they do!

The iGrill thermometer will send an alert to your smartphone when your steaks are cooked to perfection.iGrill

iGrill, from $40

If it’s too cold to go in and out to check the doneness of dinner on that outdoor grill, get an iGrill, a connected meat thermometer that sends temperature and doneness info to an app on your smartphone. Insert the iGrill probe right into the meat and let the app know what kind of meat you’re tracking. Then simply go back to entertaining your holiday guests. The iGrill monitors the meat and sends an alert to your phone when dinner is ready.

Partner Amazon's Alexa with a recipe app and the device will walk you through cooking the meal and even provide music while you stir. Or sip.Amazon

Amazon Echo, about $180

If you’re shopping for a smart-home-loving chef, Amazon’s Echo makes a great kitchen companion. In addition to the voice-controlled music, Alexa, the Echo’s virtual assistant, can read recipes from different partners like Allrecipes so chefs can search through a database of thousands of recipe options.

You can search based on specific ingredients or by the name of a dish, then Alexa will offer step-by-step instructions and walk you through cooking the meal. Alexa is as helpful as the skills you download.

Not sure how healthy that meal is? You can ask Alexa for the calorie count in a slice of carrot cake or have her read the news or an audiobook while you’re cooking. Alexa can also set timers in the kitchen so you don’t overboil the pasta water but best of all, she can also order take-out if you burn dinner. Not that you would ever do that!