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Tough Back-to-School Gadgets Kids Actually Want

Yes, looks matter. Kids won't be ashamed of these rugged gadgets.
Lifeproof Nuud Case

Spending money on back-to-school gadgets can seem like a good idea — until they end up broken on the playground or the floor of a frat house. This back-to-school season, buy something that won't fritz out as soon as someone spills something on it.

Lifeproof Nuud Case

Lifeproof Nuud Case — "Oh, my God, I'm not taking that to school!" That is pretty much the reaction every teenager would have to today's more rugged smartphones. Instead, just outfit the totes cool iPhone 5s with this rugged case, which lets phones be dunked in the pool or dropped in the dirt without breaking. ($89.99)

Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones — Why spend more than $30 on in-ear headphones? Because Kevlar-reinforced, replaceable cables mean less trips to Best Buy to replace them, ensuring your kid doesn't spend a second not listening to Justin Bieber. ($99)

Everki Beacon Bag

Everki Beacon Bag with Gaming Console Sleeve — Brah, what if you had a special sleeve designed specifically to protect your Xbox or PlayStation, plus a water-resistant weather cover and lifetime warranty? Yeah, pretty tight. ($149.99)

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- Keith Wagstaff