Warm Up: 5 Hot Gadgets for Cold Weather

Winter is coming. You could hibernate in bed, watching Netflix and eating soup until spring comes. Or you could fight back with these five high-tech gadgets for taking on freezing weather.

1 Voice Beanie — Ever try wearing headphones under a beanie? Yeah, it's extremely difficult. This knit beanie features built-in headphones and a Bluetooth controller so you can keep the Wu-Tang going even when it's 20 degrees outside. ($59)

EnergyFlux Hand Warmer — A day of sledding? Fun! Numb hands? Not so fun. While Zippo makes a great hand warmer, it requires lighter fluid, which not everybody wants to deal with. This battery-powered alternative keeps hands toasty for four hours and can also be used to recharge your cellphone. ($35)

Agloves Grip Touch — Getting a text message in freezing weather is never fun. Make responding a little easier with these gloves made partly with silver yarn, which lets all 10 fingers interact with touchscreens. They also feature PVC dots for extra grip. ($29.99)

Dyson Hot + Cool

Dyson Hot + Cool — Space heaters are great ... if you don't care about skyrocketing energy bills and the threat of burning your house down. This device uses 30 percent less energy than other space heaters, shuts off automatically when tipped, and even cools the air in the summer. ($399.99)

SCOTTeVest Puffer Jacket — Most jackets barely have room for an iPhone. This wearable closet features 19 pockets, including a tablet-sized one, a transparent pocket that lets you swipe your touchscreen, and loops for keeping headphones in place. ($190)

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— Keith Wagstaff