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Work Out With These Non-Wearable Fitness Gadgets

Not everyone wants to wear their love of fitness tech on their sleeve.

It seems like everybody is releasing fitness trackers and smartwatches these days — but not everyone wants to wear their love of tech on (or under) their sleeve. Here are a few apps and gadgets that will help you stay fit without weighing down your wrist.

Oakley Airwave goggles


At $650, these Oakleys pair up with your phone to display all kinds of data about your day on the slopes: how fast you're going, where you are on the mountain, even how much airtime you've caught. And you can take calls and listen to music with the built-in mic and headphones, too. Recon Instruments makes a pair for cyclists as well.

Smart Mat


Think of the Smart Mat as a yogi for the road. This mat is packed full of pressure sensors that can tell where your hands and feet are, guiding you toward perfect form. Right now they're going for just under $300 on Indiegogo. Likely shipping date: July 2015.

Vessyl cup and HapiFork


Eat, drink, and be health-conscious with these tech-infused implements. The $99 Vessyl is a smart cup that uses sensors to tell what you're drinking, then syncs up with an app and lets you track your calories and caffeine consumption. In the habit of scarfing down meals on the go? The HapiFork, also $99, tracks mouthfuls, and warns you if you're eating too fast. All that data goes into an app that will remind you to try chewing your food before swallowing it.

Sony Tennis Sensor and Wilson smart ball


Ready to take your tennis game to the next level? The $200 Smart Tennis Sensor screws into special rackets and tracks how you're hitting the ball, how fast you're swinging, even spin. And Wilson's ball (it's not available yet, but keep your eyes open) will tell you how your shooting is from every angle.

— Devin Coldewey