Boston Dynamics’ Robot Reindeer Give Santa a Ride in New Video

In the future, when the robots rule the Earth, at least Santa and his reindeer will still be delivering presents.

Boston Dynamics released a video on Tuesday showing its BigDog robots prancing ahead of a sleigh, ridden by one jolly person in a Santa suit, who was perhaps unaware of the coming robot apocalypse.

BigDog weighs a hefty 240 pounds, but can only run around 4 mph, which would make for a long night of delivering presents. In the video, a single robot pulls the sleigh — an easy task for a machine that is capable of carrying a 340-pound load. And yes, the robot in front has a red nose.

Boston Dynamics started out as a spin-off from a Massachusetts Institute of Technology lab before it was bought by Google in 2013.

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It's also known for its humanoid ATLAS robots, which are widely used by robotics researchers across the country, and were a common sight at the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals in June. Right now, it's not clear if Boston Dynamics is also working on a robot Santa Claus and tiny, robotic elves.