Don't Like the Weather in Your Photos? Now You Can Change It

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Get ready for a new generation of intelligent photo filters that do more than just tint your shot. A program created by Brown University computer scientists lets you choose from dozens of attributes to tweak — making a rainy day sunny, for instance, or making a dull photograph more "mysterious." All it takes is a single command, and the program figures out the rest.

Its intelligence is actually based on how people perceive scenes. The team had people evaluate thousands of photos for aspects like season, mood and overall feel, and came up with sets of rules that correspond to each one. A rainy photo, for instance, would have a dull sky but wet highlights on the ground. A night scene is not only darker, but colors take on a bluer hue. After presenting the prototype at next week's SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference, the team hopes to refine the algorithm into a commercial product — so you may see an app or Photoshop plug-in before long. And for the curious, the project page has examples of each mood and style supported.



— Devin Coldewey