Latest Bond Flick ‘Spectre’ Sets Record for Biggest Stunt Explosion

The latest 007 adventure may not be garnering rave reviews, but it sure isn't for lack of explosions. "Spectre" has set the world record for "largest film stunt explosion," verified (as usual) by Guinness.

"Spectre" Special Effects Supervisor Chris Corbould sets up the bomb in Morocco. Guinness

Eschewing digital effects, the creator of the blast, special effects supervisor Chris Corbould, opted to use 2,224 gallons of kerosene and 72 pounds of powder explosives to produce the enormous fireball. It was set up in Erfoud, Morocco, and the total yield of of the explosion, as these things are measured, was equivalent to some 68 tons of TNT.

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It's a slightly dubious record for the ostensibly suave undercover agent to set, but James Bond is no stranger to flashy stunts and world records, as Guinness points out with an entertaining roundup.

Previous records are the longest speedboat jump on film (120 feet, in "Live and Let Die), the highest bungee jump in a movie (the dam sequence that opens "GoldenEye"), and, even more dubiously, "greatest product placement return for a film." That would be "Die Another Day," in which 20 companies paid a total of $71 million to have their liquors, cars and other assorted products exhibited in the film.