Man 3-D Prints Backyard Castle, Plans Two-Story House Next

Andrey Rudenko's 3-D printed cement castle is a precursor to a planned two-story house. Andrey Rudenko

We've been using cement as a building material for thousands of years — but never quite like this. Andrey Rudenko of Minnesota used it in a custom 3-D printer to create a tiny castle in his backyard, layer by layer, and next, he plans to build a two-story house. He's not the first to attempt a cement 3-D printer, but this castle is easily the most impressive example of the technique yet. It puts down layers about three quarters of an inch wide and a fifth of an inch tall with remarkable precision, leaving a textured but solid surface.

The castle, pretty as it may be, was only a test run for his real project: building a house. "All interior walls, fireplaces, stairs, some interior elements... I have my own innovative design and I'm going to print with insulation," Rudenko told NBC News in an email. Even the roof will be printed. It needs to be in a warm, dry climate and, of course, things like doors and glass will have to be added, but he's confident it'll work. Let's just hope it's up to code.

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—Devin Coldewey