'The Martian' Celebrates Discovery of Liquid Water on Mars

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By Calla Cofield, Space.com

Following NASA's announcement that there is liquid water on the surface of Mars, Mark Watney, the fictional lead character in the upcoming movie "The Martian," has a very special message for the world.

Watney's reaction to the news may seem a little familiar to those who have seen the trailer for the movie, which tells the story of an astronaut who is accidentally left behind on Mars, and must try to survive on the inhospitable planet while he awaits a rescue mission.

NASA's announcement of liquid water on Mars' surface came Monday (Sept. 28), just a few days before the movie's premier this Friday (Oct. 2). The movie, which is based on the book of the same name by Andy Weir, stars Matt Damon as Watney.

Scientists know that water ice exists at the Martian poles, and that water vapor can be found in the Martian atmosphere. This appears to be the best evidence yet that liquid water can survive on the surface of the Red Planet. No other planet or moon in our solar system is known to have liquid water on its surface, although there is evidence of entire oceans under the surface of a few moons in the solar system.

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