MIT to Open ‘Innovation Node’ Next Summer in Hong Kong

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is headed to Hong Kong. Next summer, the university will open an "Innovation Node" in the city aimed at bringing new technology from "lab to market."

One major reason MIT chose Hong Kong is its proximity to Shenzhen, a city of more than 12 million people that serves as the manufacturing hub for myriad technology companies, most notably Apple.

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Students at the MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node will learn about how products are designed and manufactured on a large scale.

"Manufacturers in Shenzhen have mastered the ability to take a prototype device to unit quantities of hundreds overnight," Charles Sodini, faculty director for the Innovation Node, said in a statement.

"Giving our students access and experience with this capability educates them in how to move more quickly from idea to product."

MIT students will also get a chance to work with students and professors from Chinese universities, as well as intern at companies in the region.

Ultimately, entrepreneurs from MIT end up going to Hong Kong anyway to make their products a reality, the university said. Students at the Innovation Node will just have a head-start when it comes to making connections in the city.