Still Using a Landline at Work? Study Says You’re Not Alone

Smartphones might be the future, but when it comes to making work calls, Americans are sticking to old-fashioned landlines. A new Pew Research study shows that 35 percent of workers find landline telephones "very important" for doing their job. Compare that to cellphones and smartphones, which only 24 percent of American workers thought were vital. Anyone who has wandered around with their smartphone looking for good reception can probably understand why landlines are still popular. But the top technological tool for workers wasn't a phone at all — it was email. A full 61 percent of the people surveyed said email was "very important" for their jobs, followed by the Internet at 54 percent. At the very bottom with 4 percent were social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Saying Goodbye to the Landline 0:19



— Keith Wagstaff