Tech Tats’ Use Conductive Ink to Put a Circuit on Your Skin

Who needs a smartwatch when you can have a smart tattoo? The tech team at Chaotic Moon Studios, a software design company, has made it possible, though you shouldn't expect any cool flaming skulls or eagles just yet. These temporary wearables work by combining conductive paint with tiny electronic components, creating working circuits on the surface of the skin.

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A heart rate monitor, thermometer, NFC chip or any number of other sensors could easily be attached -- allowing the tattoo to work either as a fitness tracker, medical wearable, or even a payment system. Imagine checking out at Starbucks by tapping your tattooed bicep to the card reader.

At this early stage the tattoos must be applied by hand, but the company envisions a time when they could be as easy to put on as ordinary temporary tattoos -- just stick on your arm and add a bit of warm water. Put one on before a marathon to track your position, or when you get sick to monitor your temperature, and all the data will be sent wirelessly to an app on your phone.

No word on when we'll actually be able to get these futuristic body mods, but the technology exists. Expect to hear more about these at CES in January.