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Watch Sony's New Aerosense Drone Take Off and Take Flight

A new drone from a Sony partnership takes off and flies very capably in a video posted over the weekend.
Aerosense / YouTube

Sony announced in July that it was partnering with Robotics firm ZMP to create an all-purpose drone for business customers to do things like inspecting facilities, surveying and measuring land and properties, and so on. And over the weekend, the joint venture, known as Aerosense, posted the first video of a prototype drone taking off and flying around.

Despite having wings and flying like a small jet, the Aerosense drone uses its rotating turbines to effect vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), similar to a Harrier fighter jet. This eliminates the need for any kind of landing strip, enabling the craft to be used in areas like cities and forests where large open spaces aren't always close at hand.

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A rendering of the drone as it may eventually be produced, with unibody construction or a sheath containing the disconnected parts seen in the video.Aerosense

Aerosense hopes to sell the drone in 2016, once testing and manufacturing have been figured out.