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Apple, Yahoo Get Perfect Scores in EFF Data Privacy Ratings

Apple, Adobe, Dropbox and Yahoo protect user privacy, according to a new report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Which companies can users trust with their information? Apple, Adobe, Dropbox and Yahoo, according to a new report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

For the fourth year in a row, the non-profit privacy advocate ranked top tech companies according to how they protected data, told users about government data requests, disclosed their data retention policies, and more.

Apple, Adobe, Dropbox and Yahoo all got perfect scores with five stars. Not every company fared so well.

"Two major telecoms — Verizon and AT&T — received especially poor results, thus continuing a trend we identified in prior reports where many large telecom providers fail to keep pace with the rest of the tech sector," the report said.

NBC News reached out to Verizon and AT&T for comment but the companies did not immediately respond.

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The EFF also singled out WhatsApp for failing in every category except publicly opposing "backdoors" into apps that would let the government access user data. Facebook, which bought WhatsApp for $19 billion last year, received four stars.

"Perhaps invigorated by the ongoing debates around government surveillance and in response to growing public attention around these issues," the report said, "more and more companies are voluntarily speaking out about government data requests and giving users tools to fight back."