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Best Streaming Site ... Ever. 'Simpsons World' Coming in October

Embiggen your 'Simpsons' knowledge with a new streaming service that will make every single episode available online or through an app.
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Everything is coming up Millhouse for "Simpsons" fans, who will be able to watch all 552 episodes of the show when the "Simpsons World" digital streaming service launches in October. No more waiting for re-runs, people who want to watch Hans Moleman get hit by a football in the groin or Radioactive Man yell, "Up and at them!" whenever they feel like it! All they need to do is go to or download the smartphone, tablet or Xbox app and they will be able to stream every single episode of the show, plus classic clips. Some other cromulent features: the ability to create playlists, search episodes by topic, character or theme, and share clips on social media. "Simpsons World" will only be available to subscribers to FXX, the Fox-owned cable network, which is running a marathon of every "Simpsons" episode starting on August 21.

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--- Keith Wagstaff