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'Binge-Watch' Heads Collins Dictionary's Words of the Year List

"Binge-watch," the habit of devouring episode after episode of on-demand shows, has been crowned "word of the year" by Collins Dictionary.
Image: A person displays Netflix on a tablet
A person displays Netflix on a tablet.Elise Amendola / AP file

2015 has been a good year for TV — good enough that binge-watch, the habit of devouring episode after episode of on-demand shows, has been crowned "word of the year" by Collins Dictionary. The word (two words, really) isn't brand new, but usage in 2015 was triple what it was last year.

It makes sense: More and more networks, services and media companies are embracing the streaming video trend, putting entire seasons of new shows or back catalogs online at once. And since no one wants to have critical plot elements spoiled by a social media post, it's better to watch the whole show all at once. Binge-watching isn't just fun — it's practical!

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That's not the only tech-related word on the list, either: Swipe increased greatly in usage due to the rapid growth of dating app Tinder, in which you swipe right (yes) or left (no) on potential matches. And contactless earns a spot too, though largely because of tremendous marketing efforts by the likes of Apple and Samsung in promotion of their wireless payment services.

The other words on the list all owe some of their popularity to social media, of course, since that's how such things tend to propagate these days. They were selected not because of newness, exactly, but because Collins saw major increase in use and they indicated a social trend.

Manspreading - the habit of men spreading their legs and taking up too much space on buses and subways.

Shaming - an old word with new relevance as social media allows the entire planet to shame a person (or dog) for bad behavior (like manspreading).

Transgender - Between Caitlyn Jenner and Chelsea Manning, transgender men and women have been in the news more than ever this year, bringing the complex topic to the attention of many people

Dadbod - an imperfect body, yet one in which a man still takes pride. Some pointed out, however, that the celebration of women's imperfections is not nearly so trendy online.

Clean-eating - in the UK in particular, a healthy food movement, perhaps related to binge-watching and dad bod.

Ghosting - Break-ups can be hard, so some choose to ghost — avoiding all communication, from calls to emails and texts, from the person in question.

More context can be found over at Collins — and be ready for more words of the year to come from other prominent word wranglers. It's that time of year.