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Final Count: FCC Received 3.7 Million Comments Over Net Neutrality

The FCC's public comment period on net neutrality has ended. The final count: approximately 3.7 million comments.

The people have spoken on the issue of net neutrality — a lot of people. The FCC received approximately 3.7 million comments on whether broadband companies should be allowed to charge some websites for faster access to customers. That is the most comments the agency has ever received on any issue. The number was revealed on Tuesday by Gigi Sohn, the FCC's special counsel for external affairs, on Twitter as the extended public comment period ended. In May, the agency unveiled a proposal that would ban broadband companies from slowing down service for websites, but left the door open for "fast lanes" available to those who paid. Several major Web companies, including Netflix, Reddit and Vimeo, protested the idea of "fast lanes" earlier this month with a faux "spinning wheel of death" simulating slower Internet service. The FCC has not set a date on when it will take a final vote.



— Keith Wagstaff