'Gay of Thrones' Is Also Back, With a Vengeance

Funny or Die

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For many “Game of Thrones” fans, there’s only one wait as miserable as the last 10 months between seasons. It’s the two or three days it takes after each episode for popular “Gay of Thrones” to produce and post its latest recap on comedy website Funny or Die.

Funny or Die

But just as “Winter is coming,” so is “Gay of Thrones” — the new season posts Tuesday, and again stars newly minted Web celebrity Jonathan Van Ness. Each week, Van Ness — who is the real-life hairstylist to Funny or Die director Erin Gibson — will subject a new client to his over-the-top, often NSFW recaps of the latest "Games of Thrones" episode, while giving the characters creative new names.

Gibson — who was besieged with tweets demanding the show’s return — promises many surprises this season, but won't spill the deets. So we talked to Van Ness instead.

Jonathan, do you read any of the “Game of Thrones” books?

I don’t! I don’t! I don’t! I don’t want to know what happens. I do pay attention to some of the articles, and I really hope Mr. George R.R. Martin is on top of finishing everything.

You met some of the "Game of Thrones" cast members when you did hair at Comic-Con this year.What were they like?

I would live for any of them. Everyone I met was really so amazing. I got to work the guy who plays Samwell (John Bradley-West). He’s the guy who shanked that White Twerker. I groomed him for Comic-Con.

Who on “Game of Thrones” has the best hair?

I think I have to say Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) and that’s not a wig! His hair is so thick and so wavy and so nice. He’s got the best hair for sure!

Who has the worst hair?

That evil Red Riding Hood! (Melisandre, the Red Priestess.) But I think that could be her inner bad attitude that makes me not like her hair. Everyone's hair on that show looks good ... even when it looks bad.

Anything you’re looking forward to this season?

Every week of “Game of Thrones” is an exciting adventure! I’m really ready for Baby Kristin Stewart (Arya Stark) to come into her own, after she shanked that guy. And I’m also ready for Christina Aguilera (Daenerys, Mother of Dragons) to smash some dishes and show everyone who’s boss!

SPOILER ALERT: How will Van Ness react to "Blonde Cher" dumping "Uncle Daddy?" "Baby Kristen Stewart's" latest shanking? The fact that "Christina Aguilera's" boyfriend Daario Naharis got the "Bewitched" switch?

Tune in to Funny or Die Tuesday to find out.