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Google Seeks Experts' Help With 'Right to be Forgotten' Requests

A panel of experts will advise Google on how best to comply with a European ruling that some people have the “right to be forgotten" by its search engine.
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Google is convening a panel of experts to advise it on how best to comply with a European Court ruling that some people have the “right to be forgotten” by its search engine. In an op-ed published Friday in several European newspapers, Google’s chief legal officer, David Drummond, says the company disagrees with the ruling but is doing its best to comply. “It’s a huge task as we’ve had over 70,000 take-down requests covering 250,000 webpages since May,” Drummond wrote. Google has named a 10-person advisory council that will hold public meetings across Europe to gather input. The panel will produce a report that will include, among other things, recommendations for what to do with “particularly difficult removal requests (like criminal convictions).”

Google says complying with the ruling, which only applies in Europe, is "still very much a work in progress." The search giant admits it erred when it recently removed some links to news articles in response to a “forgotten” request; those links were later reinstated.

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— James Eng, NBC News